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The 2023 Academic Annual meeting of the Architectural Society of China and the 4th Zhengzhou International Urban Design Conference opened in Zhengzhou

Release time: 2023-09-25Author: Henan Civil Architecture Society

Opening ceremony

      The 2023 Academic Annual Meeting of the Architectural Society of China and the 4th Zhengzhou International Urban Design Conference opened in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province on September 22。The theme of this year's conference is"Feelings of the people Responsibility of The TimesThe contents include: the opening ceremony, the keynote lecture, 18 thematic sub-forums, three thematic exhibitions such as the 70th anniversary exhibition of the Institute, and a series of activities such as the sharing of experience at the World Congress of Architects。More than 2,000 people, including academicians and masters, experts and scholars, university teachers and students, and media representatives from the national and international architectural circles gathered together to exchange, share and discuss the latest academic theories, innovative technologies and practical results of architectural design and urban design。

       This year coincides with the establishment of China ArchitectureIn the past 70 years, the society has always put academic pursuit in the first place, and the academic annual meeting of the Architectural Society of China, as one of the most influential academic activities in the industry, focuses on the hot spots and difficulties of the development of the industryAcademic, forward-looking, innovative and instructiveTo focus on the most cutting-edge academic ideas, scientific and technological achievements and social hot issues in architecture and related industries, and lead the development of architectural culture in a new direction。本届The 70th anniversary annual meeting invited the industry's top experts and scholars to deliver commemorative speeches, share and exchange the latest academic achievements at home and abroad, and promote innovative technology experience。

      This year is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Zhengdong New District. 20 years ago, the Architectural Society of China actively participated in the initial construction of Zhengdong New District, gave play to the advantages of professional think tanks, and promoted the high-quality development model of Zhengdong New District led by urban design。In 2018, the Architectural Society of China jointly built the Zhengdong New District"Zhengzhou International Urban Design Conference"This brand has built an academic exchange platform in the field of urban design and has been successfully held for three sessions so far。第The 4th Zhengzhou International Urban Design Conference was held as part of the 70th annual meeting of the Architectural Society of China,Focus on urban renewal and development driven by technological innovation,In line with the development trend of The Times,Conform to people's yearning for a better life,It will bring academic feast for us to promote the high-quality development of urban and rural construction and create high-quality life。  

Opening ceremony hostSecretary-general Li Cundong

      The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Li Cundong, Secretary-General of the Architectural Society of China, He Xiong, Mayor of the People's Government of Zhengzhou City, and Regina Regina of the International Association of Architects· President Guntier and President Xiu Long of Architectural Society of China delivered speeches respectively. Vice Minister Qin Haixiang of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development attended the meeting and delivered a speech。

Mayor He Xiong delivered a speech



International building associationRegina· Address by President Guntil

      Newly elected President of the International Institute of Architects Regina· In her video address, Ms. Guntill congratulated the opening of the academic annual Conference, and congratulated the Architectural Society of China and the Beijing Municipal Government on their successful bid to host the 2029 International Architectural Association World Congress of Architects, and sincerely looked forward to actively cooperating with the Architectural Society of China and Chinese architects to meet the challenges brought by the rapid development of the environment。


President Xiu Long delivered a speech

      President Xiu Long welcomed the guests and congratulated the establishment of the Architectural Society of ChinaThe 70th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Zhengdong New District。This year is the first year to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress,The 20th National Congress Report is the direction of our progress, the 14th Five-Year Plan is the goal of our endeavor, and the minister's speech is the focus and path of our actions,We should deeply understand its spiritual connotation,Learn about the needs of the country, government and industry,Only then can we grasp the general trend of development,Seize the opportunity of The Times。70年来,The Architectural Society of China has always had the nation in mind,I care about what the people want,Adhering to the concept of "academic pursuit, industry leadership, government think tank, member home",Actively promote the development of architectural science and technology and the prosperity of architectural culture,We are committed to deeply integrating urban and rural development into the practice of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,Constantly open up new prospects for China's development,To contribute to the modernization of the country。

Vice Foreign Minister Qin Haixiang delivered a speech

      Vice Foreign Minister Qin Haixiang warmly congratulated the convening of the conference and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the experts and scholars who have been committed to the development of China's architectural design and urban design for a long time, and to the China Association for Science and Technology and the International Association of Architects for their concern and support for China's architectural cause。

      Qin Haixiang pointed out that China's urban development has entered a new stage of urban renewal, from large-scale incremental construction to stock quality improvement and incremental structural adjustment"Yes or no" turns to "Yes or no"。The 20th National Congress of the CPC proposed to adhere to the people's city by the people, and the people's city for the people, improve the level of urban planning, construction and governance, and implement urban renewal actions to build livable, resilient and smart cities。We must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress, respect the law of urban development, comply with the new requirements of high-quality development, keep pace with The Times, reform and innovation, put real efforts in architectural design and urban design, and strive to meet the people's new needs for a better life and promote high-quality urban development to make new breakthroughs。


      Qin Haixiang stressed that the implementation of the "applicable, economic, green, beautiful" new era of building policy, we must adhere to the people's life safety and health as the primary goal, to ensure quality safety, improve the use of functions, improve performance quality, for the people to design and build high-quality building products。It is necessary to practice the concept of green and low-carbon development, fully consider the energy consumption of the whole life cycle of buildings, design and build green buildings, reduce building energy consumption, and protect the ecological environment。It is necessary to respect history and culture, learn from the construction wisdom of our ancestors, carry forward the excellent traditional architectural culture, and at the same time, extensively absorb advanced architectural design theories and methods, strengthen the inheritance and innovation of architectural design, and reflect regional characteristics, national characteristics and times。


      Qin Haixiang put forward,In recent years,The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development earnestly implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and The State Council,Promulgated and implemented the Administrative Measures for Urban Design,Promote the establishment of urban design management system,We will carry out pilot projects for urban design,To guide local governments to promote urban design work at different levels and with focus,Promote urban design professional construction, discipline construction and team construction。Entering a new stage of development,Urban planning and construction should meet the diverse new needs of the people,We will innovate and improve the urban design system,Take urban design as an important starting point to promote urban renewal and improve the level of urban planning, construction and governance,Give new mission to urban design,We will promote the construction of livable, resilient and smart cities with high-level urban design。


      To adapt to the new situation and new requirements, change the concept of urban design。Strengthen the theoretical research and practical innovation of urban design, and establish the theoretical system, method system and institutional system of urban design in the new era。It is necessary to strengthen cultural self-confidence, pay more attention to the protection and inheritance of historical culture in urban design, and shape urban characteristics。It is necessary to adapt to the new needs and expectations of the people and innovate urban design methods。With the goal of enabling people to live in better houses, the design requirements of different scales from the house to the community, to the community, to the urban area, and then to the whole city are clearly defined, so as to improve the livability and resilience of the city。To respond to the new practice and new requirements, improve the urban design system。Open the management chain from urban design, to architectural design, and then to engineering design。Take urban design requirements as an important basis for the review of construction engineering design schemes, establish a closed-loop management system for construction projects from design, to construction, to acceptance, and then to operation and maintenance, better guide the practice of urban renewal, and effectively play an important role in leading the improvement of urban planning and construction。


      Qin Haixiang hopes that the majority of architects and designers should seize the new opportunities and challenges brought by the new round of scientific and technological revolution,We will strengthen research on key technologies in the field of construction and promote practical technologies that benefit the people,Explore the application of new technologies and methods in urban design,The application of appropriate advanced technology to the design, construction, decoration of buildings and urban planning, design, construction, operation and other fields,Enabling high-quality urban development through science and technology,We will continue to enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security。


Academician Zhuang Weimin, academic chair

      After the opening ceremony, Academician Zhuang Weimin presided over the keynote lecture in the morning。

Keynote speech by former Vice Minister Song Chunhua

      Song Chunhua, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Construction and former chairman of the Architectural Society of China, was entitled "Conforming to the Trend of The Times. Implement the national strategy The report points out that under the background of the new era, architects should first follow the rules, change the development mode, implement urban renewal actions, and build high-quality cities;Second, we should take the national strategy as the guide and serve the Chinese-style modernization;Third, we must adhere to integrity and innovation and have the courage to practice。


Academician He Jingtang delivered a speech


Academician Zhang JinqiuMake a speech


Academician Ma Guoxin delivered a speech


Academician Cheng Taining delivered a speech


Zhang Qinnan, former vice president of Architectural Society of China, delivered a speech


修龙理事长Keynote speech

      Xiu Long, chairman of the Architectural Society of China, with "Inheritance Leap. With the title of "Carrying on the Past and Opening Up the Future", it reviews the establishment, major historical facts and nodes of the Architectural Society of ChinaThe glorious achievements of the past 70 years, like a magnificent and colorful picture, have been deeply engraved on the historic monument of the prosperity and development of China's construction cause。Standing on the new historical development starting point of building on the past and opening up,In the face of new requirements and new deployments in the new era,The Architectural Society of China will strive to shoulder the responsibility and mission entrusted by the new era,The heart gathers strength,Full of confidence and expectations,Stand bravely at the head of the tide, and act steadily,Together, we will push the various undertakings of the society to new heights,To make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of China's urban and rural housing construction。

Academician Meng Jianmin, academic chair

      The second half keynote speech will be presided over by Academician Meng Jianmin。


Academician Liu Jiaping delivered a speech


Academician Cui Kai delivered a speech


Academician Ding Lieyun delivered a speech


Keynote speech by Vice President Lv Shiming

      Vice Chairman of the seventh presidium of China Disabled Persons' FederationIn the report, Lu Shiming first described the background and current situation of the enactment of the Barrier-Free Environment Construction Law,The participation and promotion role of the Architectural Society of China was affirmed,Secondly, it analyzes the challenges and opportunities of barrier-free facilities at present,The legal environment can be expected,Then it introduces the guidance, method, path and implementation measures of legal governance,Finally, it emphasizes the significance of barrier-free design and space design。


Evergreen academicianKeynote speech

      Evergreen Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences entitled "Different and Common, on the water Side"According to the report, Academician Chang Qing shared the theoretical research and practical results of urban renewal in combination with two cases: the Bund of the Shophouse in Haikou and the regeneration of Zhongzhou Island in Fuzhou, and discussed the ways and paths to make the historical environment coexist with the old and the new, harmonize and differ, and complete the spatial replastic and place reconstruction。


Academician Wang JianguoKeynote speech

      Wang Jianguo, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a report entitled "Preliminary Thoughts on the Development of Green Buildings under the Background of" Double Carbon Goal",The report has a global perspective,Strategic needs and top-level design based on the national "dual carbon" goal,This paper expounds the present situation, trend and challenge of the development of architecture discipline,From the perspective of the whole process, the whole field, digitalization and engineering, this paper puts forward the possible realization path, strategic research and research focus of the future "double carbon" in Chinese buildings。


Mr. Ma YansongKeynote speech

       Ma Yansong, co-founder of MAD Architects, made a report entitled "Architecture gives people Freedom of Mind". Ma Yansong has been thinking about what is the next focus of "higher, faster and stronger" after decades of urbanization development in China?Through Beijing Siheyuan Kindergarten, Quzhou Sports Center, Jiaxing Railway Station, Shanghai Zhangjiang Warehouse, Shenzhen Bay Cultural Square, and Beijing Baiziwan Public housing community, architecture can bring people freedom of action, thought, consciousness and concept, and architects can participate in the formation process of The Times。



Conference site

      23日起,The annual meeting will start with special forums and salon activities,The discussion focused on cutting-edge academic ideas, scientific and technological achievements and social hot issues in related industries such as urban design, architectural culture inheritance, urban renewal and development, digital building technology, green and low-carbon architecture, and design to the countryside,Leading the new direction of architectural culture development, serving governments at all levels and members throughout the country。Between the 21st and 23rd,The venue will also continue to hold a series of activities such as the 70th anniversary exhibition of the founding of the Architectural Society of China, the Touring exhibition of the China Pavilion of the 28th World Congress of Architects (Zhengzhou), the 70 exhibition of contemporary Chinese housing in the 2000s-2020s, and the seminar on exploring the development mode of the urban core area,It is a feast of knowledge and innovation。

      Facing the new mission and new task of the new era and new journey, the society will give full play to the role of bridge and the advantages of human talent pool, closely unite the majority of construction science and technology workers, and continue to do wellThe "Academic Annual Meeting of the Architectural Society of China" and the "Zhengzhou International Urban Design Conference" have made new efforts and contributions to improve the level of architectural design and urban design, and create high-quality living space for the people。


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